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Aging Through the Years

Facial aging reflects the cumulative effects of time and environmental/lifestyle factors on the skin, soft tissues, and deep structural components of the face. Many of the manifestations of aging are the combined effects of gravity, progressive bone loss, decreased collagen and elastin stores, and redistribution of the fat pads under our skin. Below is a description of how our face ages from decade to decade and options on how to address these changes.

In your twenties... Collagen and elastin stores are at its highest, bones are at peak density, and facial fat pads are full and high on the face.

Goal: Prevention. Wear SPF, don’t smoke, start preventative tox if you have strong muscle movements or already have etched in lines.

In your thirties...

Collagen and elastin production begins to slow significantly. Repeated facial movements begin to create fine lines and wrinkles. Skin still has volume in this decade of life but hollowing at the temples, under eyes, and along the cheekbones may be seen.

Goal: Preservation and prevention. Preserve current collagen and elastin stores and start stimulating more with microneedling treatments and a comprehensive skincare regimen. Treat and prevent future wrinkles with tox. Prevent skin damage with daily SPF.

In your forties...

Fat loss in the one place we don’t want to lose it– the face! More hollowing is noted under the eyes, flattening of the cheeks, and deeper lines form that run from the corners of the nose to the mouth. As a result, the face may appear gaunt and angular. Skin may begin to sag along jawline creating jowls due to loss of the support of both fat and collagen. The face may have the appearance of being deflated of its fullness and contour.

Goal: Correction, preservation, and prevention. Smooth deep wrinkles and restore volume loss with dermal filler. Prevent further loss of collagen and elastin with microneedling. Soften current lines and wrinkles and prevent future ones from forming with tox. Start or add to a comprehensive skincare regimen.

In your fifties and beyond.... The face’s support network has been compromised as the fat pads have diminished, bone loss has occurred around the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw. Skin has lost its elasticity which leads to significant sagging to the skin, especially in the cheeks and along the jawline. Lips become thin and lines are now deeply etched in the skin.

Goal: Correction and preservation. Dermal filler to replace volume loss restoring facial contours and correcting bone loss. Rebuild collagen and elastin with microneedling helping to soften etched in lines and replump skin. Further increase collagen and elastin with a biostimulator such as Sculptra and/or hyperdilute Radiesse. Tox to prevent deepening of lines and wrinkles.

Key takeaways....

It is important to remember that whatever decade of life we find ourselves in, we have some control over how our skin ages. Be a good steward to your skin by wearing a daily SPF. Stay hydrated and start a comprehensive skincare routine early in life. Prevent bone loss with supplements and a healthy diet. Start preventative tox before lines and wrinkles become etched in. Begin treatments that help boost collagen and elastin in your mid 30’s when the natural production starts to slow down. These combined efforts will help to slow the effects that time has on the skin.

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