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What should I expect during my consultation?

If you already have a treatment in mind, or haven’t yet decided, a consultation can help to establish which treatment options would be right for you.

During your consultation,

During your consultation, we will review your medical history as not all treatments are suitable for everyone. We will discuss any previous aesthetic treatments in addition to giving you the opportunity to share your aesthetic concerns and expectations. Understanding your exact needs allows me to tailor your treatment to provide the results you’re looking for, all within your budget and timeline.

I will assess your appearance utilizing a systematic mapping of the upper, mid, and lower thirds of your face as well as the left and right hemispheres, noting areas of asymmetry. Furthermore, a three-dimensional evaluation of the four levels of facial structure (bone, muscle, fat, and skin) to identify deficit and/or laxity is also completed. We will have a comprehensive discussion regarding my findings and the areas that you identify as troublesome. Education will be given on your anatomy, how correction of specific areas will have a direct and indirect effect on other areas. I Will provide important information about each treatment type, side effects, contraindications, and healing time. Furthermore, we will discuss why certain treatments and/or products may be chosen to address your aesthetic concerns.

The aesthetic consult can be a sensitive experience for some clients. Concerns with aging, feeling unattractive or self-conscious of a particular facial feature can leave one feeling vulnerable, especially when sharing with a total stranger. My goal is to put you at ease and help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the options available. Creating relationships with clients is my primary goal; you’re trusting me with the face you share with the world, I do not take that lightly.


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